Company Info

Mr.Yoshinori  Saito

Managing Director

Message from Managing Director To become No.1 chassis system maker

Since its founding in 2006,​ F-tech Thailand has been supplying a variety of parts including high-performance suspension parts to automobile manufacturers and automobile parts suppliers as the core plant in Asia of F-tech Group, which has its headquarters in Japan.
Here in Thailand, we started the business with HONDA, which is a major customer of our parent company in Japan, and expanded business with major automotive companies such as Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Nissan, FORD and Valeo.

The automobile industry has reached a major turning point toward a CO2-free society in recent years. Under these circumstances, F-tech Group aims to be the No. 1 "Global Chassis System manufacturer" and actively promotes "Chassis System development" including peripheral parts and "Reduction in both weight and environmental burdens".
F-tech Thailand will utilize global F-tech Group's product development capabilities to provide optimal solutions and competitive products to the customers in the automobile industry in Asia.
Please let us know if you have any issues, concerns, or problems in the automotive chassis area. We are confident that we can work with you, and find a solution.

 ” - Please look forward to the future of F-tech Thailand.

エフテックタイランドは、2006年の創業以来、, 日本に本社を持つエフテックGrのアジア中核拠点として、高機能足廻り部品をはじめ、多様な部品を自動車メーカー及び自動車部品サプライヤーに供給して参りました。
ここタイでは、日本の親会社の主要取引先である、HONDAとのビジネスから始まり、Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Nissan, FORD, Valeoなどの主要自動車関連会社と取引を開始しています。


 - これからのエフテックタイランドに、ご期待下さい。

Company Overview

The four strengths of lie in our research and development, production engineering, global competitiveness, and power of associates, which enable us to provide high-quality, low-cost, undercarriage parts that meet the global needs of a rapidly changing automobile industry.

Company History

  • 2006

    F-tech Mfg. (Thailand) Ltd. was established in 47,950 m2 land area with capital investment 850 Million Thai Baht.

  • 2008

    Factory completed equipment installation and operated the first Mass Production of Honda JAZZ & Honda City with 400 workers.

  • 2010

    The company was certified for ISO14001 and ISO/TS16949. Honda BRIO production started.

  • 2011

    The company was accomplished "Delivery Award" in the competition of ALL HONDA THAI.

  • 2011

    Ayutthaya Industrial Park. and F-tech Mfg. (Thailand) Ltd. suffered from a great flood disaster.

  • 2015

    Started production with 1600 ton Transfer Press Machine.

  • 2018

    The company was certified IATF16949 and FORD Q1.

  • 2019

    The company was awarded "Quality Achievement" from Mitsubishi Motors (THAILAND) CO.,LTD.

  • 2020

    The company was awarded the "Green Industry" award from the Ministry of Industry.

  • 2021

    The company has been awarded "NISSAN Global Quality Award" from NISSAN MORTOR CO.,LTD.